Slim Jesus

Slim Jesus' New Track Reveals Shortie Troubles: 'She Just Wanna'

  • by: Alan Duke
  • (Sun, 04 Oct 2015 20:02:30 Z)

Although Slim Jesus recently tweeted "Life is good," the lyrics to his second SoundCloud release suggests his relationship with a shortie has deteriorated.

The young rapper from Hamilton, Ohio, is just a few weeks into the instant fame brought with his noteworthy "Drill Time" video, but he's already trying to shed the one-hit wonder label with a second track titled "She Just Wanna."

The lyrics suggest that he's realized with his sudden success that his shortie "just wanna smoke all my weed" and "spend all his cheese."

Slim Jesus also keeps it 100 with the revelation that a friend's girlfriend proposed that she get with him, but he told her to get in a line with several other females with the same desire.

While the scenario of the song might cause concern for Slim Jesus fans, it is more confirmation that the previous report he was shot in a drive by and then crucified was a hoax.

No video yet, but here's the track via SoundCloud:

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